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Brian Yates

Brian Yates

New collections from Brian Yates.

Missoni - This fabulous collection of wallcoverings encompasses Missoni’s already broad and historic line with a multitude of colourful proposals for decorating both commercial and residential interiors. The iconic Missoni style is depicted in endless nuances, shades and contrasts interwined in endless innovative designs.

You will find romantic sunrises and sunsets, fascinating borealis lights and striking geometrics along with botanical prints, sophisticated foliage, and, not forgetting the iconic zig zag pattern for which Missoni is well known.

The passion and vibrancy is captured in this collection with superb production and technical knowledge that makes the designs come alive with artisanal and delightful energy.

Capiz - depicts unexpected surface effects such as shimmering translucent shells which are subtly interwoven with bark from the banana tree.

Graphite - includes hammered metal effects and some new and interesting mica wallcoverings. These include a design inspired by the gentle swirls of raked sand found in a Japanese Zen garden, all in earthy light reflecting natural tones and colour combinations.

Nature -  lives in this book with fresh palm leaves blowing in the wind and Zen carps idling through waterlilies. These eye-catching digital images form the central elements of this versatile collection where the culture of the Eastern world harmonises with nature.

Rafia weaves, embossed silk, paintbrush strokes and tactile canvas are the effects delicately replicated in the textures of these refined vinyl wallpapers.

Earthy and neutral tones are enhanced with a contrasting metallic sheen to create a pure and relaxing ambience for your home.

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