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Fera from Content

Fera from Content

Content by Terence ConranFera from Content by Terence Conran

Each cast metal top is hand made by skilled artisans, using age old sand casting techniques.

Molten aluminium is poured into sand moulds. As the metal cools and flows, it leaves undulating ripples on the texture's surface, presenting an irresistably tactile contrast to the frame. Once completed the mould is broken to extract the top and a new mould is made.

Artisan cast metal tops matched with  stone enamel, these go-anywhere tables rest on sleek blackened iron legs.

Nesting round and square tables come in helpful pairs, while a neatly proportioned console is the perfect space saver at just 110cm wide, with a well-placed shelf creating additional storage.
Small but mighty.

Console 110W x 25D x 75H  £529
Duo of Round tables 31D x 46H  £329
Square Table 41W x 41D x 52H cm £359

On display in our Showroom



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